Sweet Nothings

Because the story is incoherent. And I can’t share it without feeling embarrassed. If it was coherent I would share it with feeling embarrassed. But it isn’t so I’m not.

Here it is late and a few sweet nothings.

  1. Flowers are pretty and so are you.
  2. Some would say you are pretty from the inside but that’s just creepy
  3. We are pretty, but sometimes we have to lose some fat to show it.
  4. Too much fat is as unattractive as too much of anything, hair, makeup, etc.
  5. It’s already past my posting time. It is already tomorrow.
  6. One bit of research wouldn’t be amiss. But when I look at you I see the abyss.
  7. Always believing the worst thing about others and the best about yourself is one of the most harmful things people do. OR maybe it’s a harmful thing people do most often. Or maybe it’s somewhere in between I should make a graph sometimes but it will probably be inaccurate.
  8. I’m often inaccurate though I try not to be, in you at least someone can see beauty. But do you want them to?
  9. And nine ten eleven, what do you see when you look in the mirror, a three? What can you do as your potential is far more than that, the only missing thing is I don’t know that’s up to you.
  10. And leave nothing to chance, for all success needs a bit of luck but all if you don’t work to use your luck you shall fail regardless.

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