12 Potential Premises

Comedic Character Characterization? Really past me? REALLY? The title is bad but the post had potential, I just haven’t been able to make anything out of it tonight. Regardless I’ll try that again tomorrow.

Well, I’m back or I should be, and my one idea for a topic failed me. And so, I still want to write something, I just need to find out what. I want to do more than just regurgitating information I’ve heard before I want to be at the very least creative. So here I can’t come up with a premise for a post, so I’ll try and create 12 of them.

  1. Things that shouldn’t work but do.
  2. Evolved For One Purpose – put a man on an island with but his goal is only to create a house with doors.
  3. 10 Character Concepts
  4. 10 Political Story Concepts – I have opinions
  5. Non-political opinions everyone should hold – I really have opinions
  6. A Demon Tries To Complement
  7. A Demon’s Complements – one’s that hurt more than help
  8. In Search Of True Evil – I’ve been reading some philosophers recently and I want to know if we can define vice without defining virtue. And without trying to connect them.
  9. In Need Of More Science – The things you come across will make more sense.
  10. 12 Wise Sounding Quotes – But without using the words or words derived from, foolish, wisdom, good, evil, morality, or duck.
  11. Sequiturs – The benefits of keeping with a theme, and a collection instances comedy gone wrong. (I probably can’t write this, or if I can it’ll take a few days to put together and that’s a problem with many of these.)
  12. Fully Formed Bursting Out Of The Either – a Problem with some sci-fi, a thought experiment or two, and side effects of unexpected newness.

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