Pre-Post 30 (I’m Back)

There will be a main post today, I’m back.

Today’s color is #b62987

Three Questions + Four Creative* Lines:

What are the most translatable words? What ideas are universal? Should we consider ideas shared between 95% of adult humans universal? Or near enough? Why does it matter that an idea is basic shared or universal? And what morality is best if what we value is total humans living at any moment? A morality like that won’t directly align with what we consider moral, at least for some of us, especially since it values life over what is experienced, and would condone actions we consider to be despicable just so that there would be more people living 1000 years from now. It seems I’m assuming it’s being applied by a computer but how would our behavior change if that was how we really saw the world?

What makes a question interesting? What interests you? How come it’s so much trouble to set up a chat system the way I want it? How do I get readers is what I should ask yet, but I know some of that and I am aware of what I’m not doing or choosing not to do. This is for the people who choose to read it so I hope you enjoy it.

For the next five years you have to either work at something you are bad at, but can learn as time goes on, or something you are already good at what would you choose? What would the other job have to pay or how little would the job you choose have to play for you to switch to the other?
How willing are we to spend less? How much are we willing to do to acquire more?
I don’t know let’s try to be creative.

What about a planet that has the same surface area as let’s say Australia? No, North America. Now, what do I mean by that? Is the surface of the planet is the same 16.5% of the surface area if we filled in the valleys and shaved down the mountains. Now there is probably a term for that but I’m already over time.
So… I don’t know what to do wit this, This planet is coversd in an ocean of some ver y dense liquid, and while the liquid look calm from the surface water would biol if mixed in.

I don’t know what to do with this planet so I’ll finish my post here.

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