Quote Writing Challenge

I’m avoiding writing my previous idea for a post today so while I get to the bottom of that for today’s post I’m doing a quick challenge.

12 quotes without using the words or derivatives of the words: Good, Bad, Evil, Moral, Wise, Fool.

  1. “If you’re waiting for the lucky moment you’ll miss it. If you want to benefit from your luck be working as much as possible, and when the moment arrives you’ll already be doing what is necessary.”
  2. “They say it takes but a moment to ruin a life, that moment is the moment you realize everything has been going wrong.”
  3. “Challange yourself, or die unfulfilled. But this is very rare, it’s rather hard to avoid challenge. Luckily you have generations of people who worked to help you with that.”
  4. “I don’t think innovation was to remove challenge from our lives, the purpose was to give us more time for the challenges we thought are important.
  5. “If everyone’s doing it everyone will do it.”
  6. “And tomorrow we’ll do the same things as today. Only today can we change our behavior, remember this for tomorrow as well.”
  7. “You can do better but you refuse too. I had it better and did worse but that should not reflect on how you approach the world. In fact, you had it better than my father and he did better than us both.” (and I have it all so I should do great. But that is up to me.)
  8. “Why would a man desire himself be small if not to ally with others bigger than him? Why would a man abandon responsibility if not to have it be picked up by someone else, but responsibility for yourself no-one else will fulfill.”
  9. “It takes time”
  10. “Do not stop once you achieve success, for in the future only those who pushed onwards are considered successful.”
  11. “We cannot help but seeing people as characters and characters as people. For what is a character but the illusion of a person, specially designed so we could treat them as such.”
  12. “If you know something but never it never comes up in your thoughts do you really know it? How can you be sure that you aren’t keeping your information in someone else?”

I thought it would be quick, I thought it would be easy, and yet it still took me over an hour. How? I don’t know.

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