Pre-Post 31

Today’s color is #289217

Three Questions + Three Creative Lines:

What is the most frequently asked question in the English language? What is the most frequently asked question overall (please translate it into a language I can speak)? What is it the most frequently sought after tidbit of information? What’s the most sought after hidden mystery of the universe?
What is the value of asking these questions? (What is the value of asking these questions? {What is the value of asking these questions[What is the value of asking these questions?…

Ideas reproduce like any living organism often disappointed in their children. And if you go enough generations forward most would be completely unrecognizable.
Though some traits remain.

How many words should I write today? 5,000 I shall write a story or a portion of a story that is at least 5000 words long. Because at this point if I don’t write something today I’ll never get to writing at all. In addition to that I intend to write an exceptional blog post, but whatever I can get out between 3 and 4 pm will have to suffice.

Are lines expressing an intent to be creative make a line creative in and of themselves? Why have I not seen the phrase In and of themselves written anywhere but it still is what comes to me in these scenarios? Probably because it’s a lot of words.

What figures of speech have fallen out of favor because of a difficulty in writing them down? Have any? is it possible to trace a relationship between the usage of a figure of speech when it is rarely used in text?

And I looked into the sky and saw no stars. A beauty lost not to necessity but to laziness. There is no time of night when the sky truly becomes visible we must light up the night even when all are asleep. For it seems that as a species we fear the dark.

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