A Demon’s Compliments (List)

And still, I seem incapable of writing a longer post, but I shall when I am finally relaxed. And in addition to that, I shall have the answers post later this week even if I’m not relaxed. And my ideas aren’t developing well, my posts aren’t coming out. But I shall resume and create more until I am back into something good.
For now though I shall make a list out of an idea I hoped would be good. And maybe it will still be good.

  1. You look very thoughtful today
  2. It’s almost as beautiful as your relationship with your parents
  3. You couldn’t look better
  4. Whatever you choose you’ll do it well
  5. Nice enthusiasm
  6. You did your best
  7. I wouldn’t worry so much the audience is very polite

I’m having trouble, context is important and I don’t have context, so I hope to make something better tomorrow when my headache gets better. And I hope to give the topic the attention it deserves.

Have a nice whenever it is.

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