Pre-Post 32

Today’s color is #de3149

Three Questions:

How did humans discover candles? Early on, candles were used in temple business, and in holidays, at least by the Romans and Greeks; I’m not aware of how the Chinese used candles. Where they invented as a substitute for oil lamps? And attempt at salvaging oil that hardened or became more waxlike?
Questions for the interested. (it just felt weird leaving the idea unconcluded.)

Am I attractive? Well, I shouldn’t ask that here. Is my brain attractive? If not, what can I change? Well, nothing; my brain is inside my head, and I like it there (thank you very much.) So do my words communicate an attractive confidant and well-read individual? Well, at least two of those, I don’t think I express much confidence in my writing here unless the very act of writing here is an expression of confidence, a willingness to be heard, and all that.
I seek answers, but I have none to share with you at the moment.

Answers that shall be the name of a post this week, I still hope to get back into the longer ones, so I’ll look up the answers to my pre-post questions that have answers I can find and present them all. But how many of you are interested in the answers? How many were interested in the questions? Am I adding value by repeating information found elsewhere? Is there any way to consistently inspire brilliance?
Answers will be found in a later post. Or not.

It takes a counsel to change a mans mind.
But I can change my own. (and maybe you can too.)

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