12 How To Book Ideas

Well, I can summarize my previous attempt at a post today. Germs Are Everywhere.
So I still have time left for a silly list, but instead of wasting it, I’ll do more book ideas.

The idea of these is that someone did the action in order to prove that it is possible

  1. How To Build A Car With No Money – A autobiography and a guide.
  2. How To Create A Water Purifier Anywhere – And I mean anywhere
  3. Bare Bone Phones – how to create communication devices out of litiral trash.
  4. Your Second Face – how to keep calm and collected enough not to die. I’ll admit we won’t put ourselves in too many life thretening places for this one.
  5. How To Actually Predict Human Behaviors – You need a lot of information and not all people are predictable, but the things that you can predict will be explained in this 4 volume series.
  6. How To Count Cards And Get Away With It – it’s not illegal.
  7. How To Memorise E3rv998Grhj2f33S – Never need another password, and sound really impressive when recogmending the book.
  8. Sleepwalking Training – People would buy it.
  9. How To Count Base 21 – Seeing colors you’ve never seen before.
  10. How To Change The Publics Mind – My four year project.
  11. How To Make A Nearly Unbrakable Code – Counting to base 24
  12. How To Build A Habit – Real me is should be working on this more.

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