Pre-Post 33 (10 Questions)

Today’s color is #f2df6a

10 Questions (I’m trying something slightly different today. Slightly.)

  1. Why and when does frustration make us feel tired?
  2. How often do we quit out of frustration, and how often does it make us try harder?
  3. In what scenarios do we do better work while frustrated?
  4. How much time are you willing to spend trying to change some else’s opinion? Are we all fighting over the people we can convince?
  5. What does it take to identify someone who is willing to change their opinion, or who doesn’t have much of an opinion and is easy to convince?
  6. Is there a moment when you can see someone change? Is there a tipping point? And how much of what comes before is necessary?
  7. What is the animal with the fastest swimming speed? Is it likely that it dwells in the deepest of seas we know not much about?
  8. What dwells in the deep dark that we can learn from? What can we discover in the few places on this planet we are still not welcome?
  9. Why the fascination? If I simply said under the sea INstead of the deep dark I don’t think I would be as interested, but why? The connotation what other thoughts are related to the deep dark and the phrase under the sea is corrupted by a song.
  10. What else can we not think of because of such corruption? Where do we need new terms to overcome our associations? Where do YOU need a new context? That is a question worth dwelling upon. (at least in my opinion.)

Here I see how my pre-posts often are better than what I consider to be my main posts. I’ll look into why that is.
Have a wonderful timeskip.

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