Pre-Post 34

Today’s color is #505da9

I will only answer questions I asked since my second pre-post but I’ve been looking through a few of my old posts, and while they aren’t the best I there seems to have been a certain charm to them that I have lost. As such I will be more satisfied with shorter posts and pre-posts, that I can feel more energized and be more likely to produce something good. Essentially I am rethinking my standards and defining them differently. So while there may not be much of a change in what I post here at least in the short term. Improvement is coming. Still, the answers post will come today but I may have to post it in multiple parts in which case part 1 comes today.

Three Questions (short version I’m busy today):

Can I answer questions in a satisfying manner?
Can someone be hired for asking the right questions?
What is the most important question ever asked from the perspective of a {}? {teacher, lawyer, anthropologist, etc}

Four Creative Lines:

Nothing is infinite space is limited the amount we can think is limited everything is limited. But in math we can consider the infinite, we can use what is not real to narrow down reality. (There I made math sound cool.)

We disagree companies cannot regulate themselves. Governments also can’t regulate themselves, that’s the idea between having multiple branches, if the people aren’t paying attention they’re supposed to regulate each other’s behavior. But instead, they work together, two parties three branches of government, businesses that make deals with the people in these places, then all other people have no more say.

My questions used to be like today, but yesterday today’s question wouldn’t even constitute a single question. My definitions are messed up.

We won’t be at the end of the world that is mercy in death.

Wow that was a dark way to end things have a nice day.

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