Pre-Post Post 10 (weekend post)

I wanted to make both a pre-post and a normal post today but I realized I had more to do before sabbath came in so I’m doing putting them together. (I also wasted a bit of time playing a stupid game but that was back when I thought I would have enough time, so I have an excuse.)

Today’s color is #e6758d

Three Questions:

How much water has to be drunk before it becomes unhealthy? (and I’m not talking about drowning here.) Can we get a good approximation using body mass + biological sex? (men and women need to drink different amounts of water on average, I don’t know why.) Do we need to measure body fat as well? When is it too much effort, and when can we get a sufficient approximation? (I tend to think withing 95% of the proper amount is a sufficient approximation. But I may be overly ambitious.)

What’s the most common governmental system? How should I define a governmental system? is system of government a better term?
What job exists in the highest number of governmental systems? (defining a Governmental system must exist in at least 3 countries with populations of above 100,000 individuals to be considered as such for this question. It’s kinda arbitrary but I’m the one asking and I to draw a line somewhere.)

What was the most popular game ever? What game was played the most over the course of a single year? What board game? What card game? What video game?

10 Idea For Song Names (probably the most meaningless ideas for me to post here but I need to put something down before I get distracted again.)

  1. Drowning In A Kiddy Pool – slightly suicidal, but the song has a nice beat.
  2. Pocket Spices – How to make any scenario interesting
  3. Popcorn Smugglers – A young child’s perspective
  4. Empty Brain – A series of musical transitions pretending to be a song.
  5. Icosahedron – a song about dice not having enough sides
  6. Minor Celebration – taking happy folk songs in a minor key and trying to make a happy pop song out of them.
  7. Vaguely Angelic – recorded in multiple languages, to be listened to in a language you don’t understand.
  8. Big Ideas – 12 ways I could change the world if I wasn’t singing this song
  9. Small Ideas – 12 ways I am improving the world by singing this song
  10. Heroic Monolog – Wow, we are so great we shall defeat the darkness… LA LA laLA We are so great…

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