I Know Not How To Write

Well, try to write a story in a comprehensible manner, stress a bit about not knowing enough about the immune system, read a bit about finding water, then an hour procrastinating and 20 minutes writing and rewriting three sentences. They aren’t even good! It seems I need to practice actually telling a story because then at least I’ll have a consistent voice. Three Sentences and no consistent voice. And yet I am still too much of a coward to post something incomplete or quickly made here. I am willing when it is the nature of the posts, but I don’t know what value I can bring with a badly written story. But what I’m afraid of writing a story I’ll work that out after posting something here.

Altogether I’ve spent almost 2 hours not writing than backtracking than writing than erasing everything, but I have yet to post something today. So here is something.

My father once showed me an article on how writing 30 second take-aways helps us actually remember and learn from what we watch and experience. Now what we take away depends on what the take-aways are, but I’ve begun to implement this technique into my life and am already seeing results.
Now it may just be the placebo effect but according to what I’ve seen I am inclined to believe that the technique (trick? I don’t know what to call it,) works. So here is a list in which I try to come up with five reasons the technique will work

  1. Well you’re writing it down and you may look at it again, it could work as a shorthand that sparks your memory. You write out paragraph X and when someone says a part of it in context of a conversation it brings the video (or whatever you are using the technique to remember) and it’s content back up.
  2. You choose whats important – you designate something as important or as something you will want to bring up again and then your more likely to remember it.
    Would you remember the name of the next person you met if I promised you 1000$ if you still remembered there name at the end of the week?
  3. Your acting on the information – and that makes it relevant.
  4. Repetition helps with memory -and your repeating the important parts to yourself.
  5. Also knowing you will perform this task can cause you to put in more attention and thus learn more.

But I have to say it’s quite the useful technique and when I start a writing course tomorrow (well an online writing course i want to write in English after all) I’ll remember to apply it.

Not to say the technique is as easy as it sounds, and it may take you a bit more time to summarize things it is a learned skill in a way. But I still feel it is worth sharing, and since I couldn’t make much of my own today, it’s whats here.

Goodnight, or have a nice day wherever you are.

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