Pre-Post 35

Today’s color is #f09a1e

Three Questions:

Where do the names of fruits and vegetables come from (in English, at least to begin with)? What’s the origin of them? Why would we start naming fruits and vegetables? If you go far enough back, do the names all begin with something descriptive like blueberry? (it doesn’t have to be an accurate description, just a commonly understood one.)

What fruits and vegetables don’t have their name origins in something descriptive like blueberry, and why?
Are there any fruits or barries named after an individual who grew them?

Why do different languages have different Onomatopoeias that refer to the same things? Specifically, animal sounds, is it simply pronunciation differences and words changing over time? Or is it based on the sound of now extinct or rare ancestors of the animals we have today?

Four Creative* Lines:

I’m not sure if I should define positing a theory as a question because, for many of my questions, that’s what I do. But then I ask questions to reinforce such things, and those are the actual questions.
A question is a very versatile tool, as we have made information, a valuable shared commodity, and questions can be used to manipulate, acquire, or to create more information.

While these lines may not seem creative, I am creating right now. Working on idea presenting them, in the hopes I land on something truly special that is both useful and has not yet been shared. Attempting to create ideas. I once thought that the reasons I write so much here is because I am following a line of thought, hopefully, a creative line of thought, and while that is often the case, I think it is more likely that I write a paragraph in place of a line so that within that paragraph (the thoughts I am exploring and presenting) something creative is to be found.

We enjoy rereading, and re-experiencing things, is it the familiarity? Is it that we remember our enjoyment, anticipate it but forgot just enough of what we are reading to read it again? I don’t know, but the desire to re-experience excitement can bring about that excitement, we get shivers when listening to music we like but can we derive excitement from expectations when we don’t know what to expect? Maybe that’s why disappointed expectations hurt so much, a joy that will never be, or never be again. The moment is all that counts sometimes, and the future is too distant to matter.

And I’d like to believe I landed on 4 lines already, but I don’t know. Yet I am tired and do not wish to continue this. I shall work on my short story, well work in an organized manner, starting at 2:30, and since I already have an idea I wish to comunicate I shall spend my twnety minutes making it comprehenisble there.
Have a wonderfuly productive and satisfieng week, and if you can’t I wish you gain the ablity to be closer to that and without needing to harm others along the way.

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