12 Things That Can Also Be Guns

Because I didn’t know what to write today and my brother gave me the topic of guns.

And no, I do not know who would be this paranoid, but hey, preparation is everything. (Note, the information presented in this post is in no way reflective of my attitude towards firearms.)

  1. Pipes – Ever heard of a pipe gun, all you need to make this are some bullets, some power tools, and to know what you’re doing, but you can still keep the final product subtle; people may not notice it’s a gun until you pick it up, and by then it will be too late.
  2. Parts of your bed-frame – But keep a fire extinguisher by your bed if it’s made of wood
  3. Couches – but you really have to stick things in there it’s much easier with.
  4. Recliners – just don’t pull the lever to lift the legs too quickly.
    – (I’d say tables but that would be getting a little risky with furniture.)
  5. Handbags – You’d probably need a special permit but just look up the legal definition of a gun and design your bullet launchers in a way where it isn’t legally a gun and your okay. Well, then it’s about the legality of owning bullets, or gunpowder and how much would be considered an explosive but that’s not what we’re about at the moment so I’ll move on.
  6. Door handles, (well, doorknobs too but that takes some work) – step one: remove doorknob, step two: shoot James Bond. No need for an elaborate deathtrap, when an elaborately hidden gun will do.
  7. Fences – gun fences some militaries use them but not that much.
  8. Gates and walls – well you can have guns on gates and walls, but having the guns BE the gates and the walls is kinda cartoonish.
  9. Tophat gun – why is this not in more movies. Do we not want to give people ideas? Well, I’m giving them ideas, it’s not like I’m posting my list on 10 ways to do terrorism better, or the most common ways people get away with murder.
  10. A Clock – The clock is ticking mister bond. Or you can have a clock built into your gun if you’re doing a time-dependent robbery and don’t want to bring anything identifiable. Well, other than the gun.

    A Cheap American Football – now I’m just getting back into smuggling guns because if it’s a gun it’s unlikely to be cheap. And I’ve had enough of these ideas I won’t count it as an entry.
  11. A Soap Gun, A gun that launches pellets filled with liquid soap – disinfectant also works, doesn’t need to shoot bullets but if that’s your definition you have the previous entry. Yeah, I think that one is more appropriate to the list. I just wanted to try something different ya know?

    A Pomel – How else can one end their opponents rightly?
  12. A Chair leg – For the paranoid, but if it’s removable I would recogmend somethign closer to a knife.

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