Pre-Post 36

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Three Questions + Four Creative Lines:

We know that it is unhealthy to lose sleep and people can die if they don’t sleep for too long. But if there were ten years until the end of the world, you had a near endless supply that overcome the loss of productivity caused by tiredness, and you had to spend every waking hour trying to stop the world form blowing up, how much would you have to sleep? How much does someone need to sleep in order to stay alive for ten years? How often is it an every other day thing, every third day, or would it be better to sleep every day but not enough. There’s also the trick where you only sleep 1h20m a day with specifically timed power naps, but if you have to travel around a lot and are incredibly stressed trying to stop the end of the world it may not be an option. Especially if you’re working with experts that have different schedules than you, if everyone is sleeping at the same time though, than it could work. But try and organize that.

How do we mass produce spherical objects? How does the construction line for little rubber balls look?

Where do you start if you’re writing a story? Where do I start? I’m good at world building, I’d like to think I’m really good at it and my brother would agree, but he doesn’t read much so I don’t know if he has standards. But I’m really bad at presentation, the best I can do is to drily explain, and that just doesn’t work for me.I come up with a world first a number of characters, second, than the actual events of the plot come last. In addition I can’t do dialog for shit. But I still want to try, I want to create a world, a story, that anyone can experience. And so I shall.

Humor is the easiest thing to write, funny humor is not. But when humor comes as aside effect of the character interacting with the world around them it doesn’t even have to be really funny, you’d forgive your friends for making bad jokes, but when the say something funny you laugh.

Should I reorganize this pre-post? Yes. Will I? no, it’s a pre-post and I don’t want to spend that much time figuring out the optimal layout, I’d rather have something generic I can keeping making posts in than rethink it every week. Currently I have 3 templates, but this post couldn’t fit well into the other 2.

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  1. I know the answer to this one: “Where do you start if you’re writing a story?”
    Of course he has standards. Anyone with a half an intelligent brain does.
    I say no to your yes; it’s more consistent.

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