10 Uses For Math

Tomorrow may end up being a quicky as well, I’m going to the dentist tomorrow to get my teeth x-rayed. And I have a small project that I’m taking too seriously, It may even take me an extra day to get it done because I’ll be doing a lot of math and 3d geometry involving Fibonacci spirals. (or I may give up on the math halfway through and just wing it. )

Most of these a computer can do for you. But if you do it yourself you can selectively choose inaccuracies or apply more flexibly.

  1. Recreating the patterns of plant growth
  2. Making a 2d image look like a real 3d object
  3. Saving money – Statistics and calculus. Of course, statistics will serve you best if they are applied to hundreds and thousands of choices, but it can help if you are in a position of power.
  4. Creating water clocks and timers – of course, this isn’t applicable in your life unless whatever is leaking leaks at a consistent pace.
  5. Rube Golberg Machines – And this can be an extension of the previous one.
  6. Produce your own firearms – if you want them to be accurate you need the bullets to fit pretty snugly into the pipe. (The information presented in this post is Still in no way reflective of my attitude towards firearms. I am simply making this into a running gag)
  7. Managing sewage systems – Because you need to know how many pounds of sewage would cause it all to collapse and how many sewage jams the system can handle. Also so that you can clear the jams.
  8. Coutning to ten can help you titile lists correctly – Of course, I’m not chainging it if I was writting it past midnight I simply posted it as a work in progress. And I have no good reasosn for why it took me so late to write this, I simply knew not about what.
  9. Save money while shopping – by calculating how much you’ll actually need and use, and how much it will cost you to store the extra your getting because it’s cheap. Also if it’s acutally on sale or if they’re actually just scamming you, but with the interent you don’t need that much math.
  10. Win At Gambling – Count Cards.

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