Pre-Post 37

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Three Questions + Four Creative Lines*:

Should I re-title yesterday’s post?
Should I spend more time on these questions?
Is it okay to just rush through these sometimes?
No this should probably take me a bit more time, or else it should be something really worth sharing or asking.

What makes a question worth asking? Who is to judge? But do people want to know if a question is worth asking, do they even consider whether a question is worth asking or whether a question was worth asking? Well, we must, because when we judge someone for asking something not worth asking, this occurs most often when a question is meant to be humorous and falls flat, but is that judging someone for a question not worth asking or for a bad joke. When you are expecting a question to be asked having a joke phrased in the form of a question is often frustrating.
Personally I find some joy in answering joke questions I find myself funny or at least pretend to do so. But in my case, it was often when I didn’t realize a question was a joke and I played it off as if I was playing along. At this point, I do notice (most of the time), but I still play along. Is it because I enjoy playing along? Or is it because I find the question annoying? If you’re changing the subject I won’t stick to it. Maybe it just allows me to continue a conversation by changing the subject.
I think all of the above are true at different times. People are complicated.

Are people complicated? Yes, I’m not just saying that because I heard it said elsewhere I do have enough knowledge to back that up, and the internet can confirm this. I can also find places on the internet where this is less confirmed cults actually tend to have more ismple views of what a human is. And some religeons have humans as less complicated. But I KNOW that humans are complicated and I think I could argue with people who believe humans are simple and withing their structures cobvice them that humans are complicated. So I am pretty sure of the fact that humans are complicated.

“At every moment a pretty woman sleeps and a pretty man sleeps.”
“So? what’s so sad”
“They aren’t sleeping together.”

– The woman in the land of fairies

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  1. Not unless you think it would get you more traffic (but I haven’t read it yet: I’m working backwards).
    Only if you want to.

    You want to.
    You are. Who else can?
    Some do, some don’t. Jim Rohn does a good bit on this.

    Maybe. Could be.

    Incredibly, and not at all.

    I love that quote.

    By the way, if you’re not going to use Grammarly, make sure that the subscription is not set to renew. I think it’s coming around again.

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