Pre-Post 38

Today’s color is #e74749 It’s a bit of a lazy post today, but my brain is preoccupied.

Three Questions:

Why is it so hard to draw good looking abstracts of corn? I just want it to look like wheat from a distance, a whole bundle of crops but it’s all just corn. Can I fool someone with an image of that sort? is it okay if it only looks like actual corn once you know it is?

Why do I get so obsessed with an idea, with a project? There is nothing forcing me to work so hard or to try so much math to make the corn look like I want it to, but I am obsessed with it looking like that anyway? You know what I’ll do something easier first.

Where on the internet can I best learn to do things with numbers, not-numbers, and almost-numbers? (I want to figure out some math. But that’s probably boring.)

Four Creative* Lines:

omnia in esse est frumentum

in cornu copiae sine fine cibo, producitur

sapientia debet creverit, sicut frumentum

Filius meus, omnia te videre ante te factus est usura frumentum

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