You Can Skip This If You Want To…

…This isn’t much of a post. (at least by my internal defenition.)

Corn does not follow spirals well, I don’t want to look into the math of the species of goat horn I’m trying to replicate, and it would take me many months to learn what I need to do what I want, and the little bit of programming needed to apply it the way I wan to. So I’m giving up on it, instead, I shall make a pun in English and a pun in Latin, well only if I put in the extra Latin, otherwise what would have been a pun will be a small stylistic choice. Or maybe I’ll just remove it, but I think it will make the image better, I should have an outline tomorrow, but tomorrow night I also have the next Answers post tomorrow. So you’ll probably see the simple design on Friday.

In addition, depending on how much I like the math, I may create another tool I can add to open source graphic design and/or illustration software (I know the programming is incredibly complicated, but my confidance is justified).
Anyways, if I start actually learning the math in an orginized fasion it shouldn’t impact my posts other than the occasional pre-post question as it will be put into my daily schedule, I’ll start the course next week when find the right one.
But that is for my life outside this blog. (unless interest is shown or it is directly releveant to the subject of a future post.)

I hope within a few weeks, my answer posts will improve to the quality that I can be sure that I am producing at least one thing of value every week, but until then I am learning and experimenting, so they may be slightly inconsistent.

But now it’s late and I still don’t know what to do with this post. I thought maybe I’d write my post on Self Help’s Predatory Monetization Schemes but it would take a few days to put together and even if I could get it in a day, I don’t have the time tonight.

Reading is hard sometimes it takes effort, videos are far easier to consume especially when there are parts you don’t care much about. I feel much better half-listening or tuning something out than I do skipping through things but that last part may just be me.

It seems that making a good video more effort than writing especially if you find that what you are trying to communicate is important. Because regardless of everything else you still need to write a script. Unless you work well script-less, but organizing ideas is hard.
You can tell from how little I do that here.

Have a nice day, and I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you did, if it isn’t it’s okay, it isn’t much of a post.

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