Pre-Post? 39

Today’s post began as a pre-post, but I found it interesting enough to finish and post in it’s current form.

Today’s color is #6e319f

I seem to be incredibly preoccupied this morning, that or I’m very self-conscious. Because I have written three questions and have erased them because they were stupid. Now some would say there are no stupid questions. My response to that is that the questions were misleading, in their presentation, there were incorrect assumptions, and if someone tried to answer them they would oversimplify a complicated issue.
Unless the person answering them is skilled at teaching. For good teachers would illuminate my ignorance and the question would become unnecessary.

Yet I have asked such questions before and I shall ask them again. These questions shall either be explained in the answer post or passed over. Well, if I recognize them for what they are, the teacher may say there are no stupid questions because they know how to answer them. So you can say that a stupid question is either a question asked in the wrong place or time, or a question asked to the wrong person. And this is the definition I shall use until I find a better one.

The wrong person to ask a question is a person who will give you a complete answer where none exists. Well, among other things, a person who will answer your questions but not correct your wrong assumptions or a false understanding of the topic, despite giving you a true answer. There to did you ask the wrong person, but in that case, it is more often the wrong place or time, as in a different place your question would be answered sufficiently.

So, are there wrong questions or just wrong answers? Well, stupid isn’t wrong. But people are complicated and it’s hard to tell. All I have left to say at the moment is be careful when asking the internet. And have a nice day.

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