Some Answer Will Come Tomorrow

As a result of my bad time management and lack of focus, I can not finish my answers post tonight. In addition, the sabbath has been coming in earlier, and while I have the time for two posts on Friday, not if I need to complete the answers post as well. and since the sabbath is coming in earlier in the day, I think I’ll take a break from pre-posts on Fridays entirely, that or I will only have a pre-post on Friday and the post-post will be after the Shabbat is out.

For today, I don’t have much time, and my focus is elsewhere, and yet I still feel a need to produce a post. So since my pre-post today was more of a mini normal post, I’ll write tomorrow’s pre-post here.

Tomorrow’s color is #284b99 if you have deuteranomaly (by definition the most common type of color blindness) then this is the same as today’s color.

A Complaint + Three Questions:

Why is focus a limited resource? Why can’t I just switch between ideas and subjects without a loss of efficiency? Why is my brain so tired?

Why do I feel the need to identify with one side or the other? Why do I enjoy games of skill more when I and identify with one side over the other? Is that why learning history bores so many people? stories are told and things happen but there isn’t anyone to latch on too. (well if it bores so many people but it bores kids at school and kids who have fun in some of their other classes. To many it’s considered especially boring.)

Exploring an idea:

This was originally a continuation of my three questions but it got out of hand. It’s an interesting exploration though, I may give it it’s own post when I learn more.

Why don’t we care about the big stuff happening in the world? And if we do care why do we do so little about it? In 2019 3.47 Billion USD were spent on lobbying in the USA there are prominently 331,002,651 people in the USA if every person spent a dollar a year on lobbying they could almost match that spent by big companies and the rich. But if every Democrat, or every Republican, spent one dollar a month in the USA they could change the way the country looked. Now Gary Johnson the Libertarian candidate in 2016 got 4,489,233 million votes, so if everyone who voted for him spent 850$ a year they would beat that. Now, 850$ a year isn’t a small amount of money and lobbying is more complicated than it sounds. But even relatively small movements can have a significant impact on government.

And when people say vote with your wallet, they normally refer to what products you spend money on, don’t buy from someone who is trying to cheat you, don’t support these predatory monetization practices, even if you trust yourself to not fall for their tricks… but that’s not my point right now, large groups of people can have significant power on government just by voting with their wallets. But if only one person is willing to spend their money nothing will happen. unless that person has tons of money.

I would have trouble trusting a group which would take my money and lobby on my behalf, I would be suspicious, that’s a lot of money there where is it going.
So what about petitions, people sign petitions when they want to change but would they sign their money as well? If when a petition is presented before the house of representatives, there would also be a pool of money to help make the content of the petition happen? in this case, should we have an individual spending limit, everyone who signs must spend no more and no less than 5$?

But now we’re getting closer to the idea, of selcetive taxes, where people pool their money for government or production projects. An idea with potentially mindnumbing consequences. If people pay to fix their own town roads, they wouldn’t need a government comity to get it done. If all highway users payed 10$ a year selctive highway tax, would we need a centrilized power to sort the money?
Well, I’m not sure, and it’s ten minutes to midnight, so I’ll consider this radical idea at a later date.

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