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I’d say that I had a reasoning behind what questions I answer here, but honestly, it’s according to how I feel or how focused I am at the moment I am going through them, so it’s somewhat arbitrary. Despite this, I am giving every question a bit of my time and attention, and they all may inspire future posts or content, they simply won’t be answered here. Especially since the questions take more time to answer than I’m putting in here, once I catch up to the main blog these posts will be more complete as I’ll have fewer questions to go through every week.

How are animals immune to their own venom?
Most aren’t. And venom used for hunting isn’t dangerous if it isn’t in your bloodstream so you can just take it apart or let it pass through your digestion.
I’m having trouble understanding the mechanics of venom resistance and immunity works, so I can’t answer that right now.

From the words, mega, ultra, super, extreme, or other variant hits the hardest? What’s the difference in connotation?
Well, mega originally meant very large, super is of high grade or quality, and ultra means uncompromising. Extreme refers to something being the farthest in a direction, so when you take something to the extreme you are taking it as far as it can go, in modern usage it too has changed but let me try to rank them.
Now, for some reason the phrase Super Mega Ultra has become somewhat popular as a term of exaggeration. That would roughly translate to Good Big And Uncompromised (uncompromisable, we were uncompromising in its creation.) And I will simply order them as in the term, Super no it’s more than just high quality it’s mega, bug larger than life, but more than that, you can’t compromise on it it’s the best its ultra. So that’s my understanding, where would I put extreme? I have no clue, even after my bit of reading so, I’ll move on now.

Should I play with the definition of words more? Are the book title books fun? When can I call something an idea for a book or a movie or a podcast and when is it just a title? How would I measure different levels of completeness for ideas?
I have no clue I’ll think about it.
Why’d I have to say that here? eh, I want to look a certain way. the next question of that post isn’t appearing here but it may get its own post. so would the questions on the post after these pre-posts seem to have a few good ones.

What’s the best way to wake up in the morning? What makes you most efficient later in the day? And what’s the healthiest?
Well, a lot is contested but these things arent:
Wake up at a consistent time, have predictable breakfast options, and have a routine. I can’t find out what exactly makes you efficient later in the day right now, but the first things I mentioned definitely help. What’s healthiest? This is pretty close.

How much time does it take to produce a creative work?
More than you expect creative works are most susceptible to optimism bias, especially how much time we expect it to take. Even if we think we’re being pessimistic and expect it to fail, we expect it to fail quickly.
In other words Hofstadter’s Law.

Could I probably find the answer to most of these in less than twenty minutes?
No, I can’t that’s why the posts contain so few questions, and many of them take more than twenty minutes.

What makes music dark? Is it just our associations? Is it dissonance?
It’s cultural.

Is it bad to be a hypocrite?
Only if you are preaching something in hopes that people will get you to a place where you’ll not actually apply it, or your teaching children who see you as a role model. Oh, don’t be a hypocrite to anyone who see’s you as a role model it can really mess them up.

How much water does someone need to drink in a day?
Depend on the circumstances, temperature, and actions taken over the course of the day.
Do we need to drink less when it’s more humid out?
No, we need to drink more in order to get the minerals we get out of the water, We also need to drink more when it is less humid out because we get dehydrated. Really, anything not in a comfortable range you should probably drink more. It’s hard to drink enough so much that you hurt yourself, well it’s easy if you’re submerged, or are not letting yourself breathe, but otherwise, it’s fine.

Do we sweat more when it is humid out? Why would we sweat more when it is humid out?
Yes, we sweat to cool ourselves, but our bodies decide, it’s hot sweat, And when it’s humid out the water on our bodies evaporate more slowly causing us to be hotter and sweat more.

I answered an average of one question per-pre-post this post, and I’ve spent all the time I’ve allocated for this, a whole lot of reading was done that did not leave me with enough to write down, so here is what you get.
Have a nice weekend

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