Pre-Post 40

Today’s color is #2b2d62 Starting tomorrow and for the rest of this week, I’ll have sets of three colors a day.

Three Questions (that are also in a way creative lines, I have a different focus for my actual creative lines today so it’s okay.):

What does so much human effort go ignored? Why are we willing to be forgotten? Does having your investment to humanity written down and saved helpful if few read it? Would you be satisfied with that?

Does recordkeeping help? If something is saved and categorized correctly so that when needed others can find it does that make it more valuable? The ability to find what you need easily is part of what makes search engines like google so useful popular and valuable? But will you be satisfied if your contributions sit in storage for fifty years, but save many people time effort and improve their lives years after your passing? Maybe.

Can a song get stuck in your head after just hearing it once? How familiar must you be with similar musical tropes for this to happen? Do we remember music that is completely unique? Or do we just remember snippets and how it made us feel?

Four Creative Line:

“I saw beauty in this desolate landscape, yet halfway through my journey, I traded my beauty for water.
And yet I am still proud as grey as I am what was great about me is worn by a far greater prince.”

“The statue are people who traded away their hunger.”

But my hunger shall drive me onwards, eat not the food, don’t touch even their water. For your hunger and drive are the cost of the food, and once you no longer can act on the world you too will become a statue, better to be of some use.

The idea of the land of the fairies has been in my head, a mixed place of corrupted metaphors misinterpreted warnings, and being jealous of our reality knowing it would be better if they were in charge.

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