A Few Reasons I’m Having Trouble Posting

Making stylized grains in black and white is hard. Like, really hard. Wings are easier, I went with the simplest I could for today’s project but I could do more with them. But grains, corn, wheat, barley, and the like. Tomorrow I’ll figure it out. And continue a different project I am far too distracted with something I could probably avoid. But if I am spending so much time on it I should use a familiar tool, it was arrogant of me to assume I could work a different program from day one. And I still feel tired my I feel like I’m moving through molasses.

Now I just spent an hour and a half trying to set up a meetup in these trying times. With my not very but technically autistic friends. So here A Few Possible Reasons I’m Having Trouble Posting. I think the reasons I wrote this list now is self-evident

  1. Terrible sleep habits
  2. I’m scattered – I’m trying multiple different projects at the same time
  3. I procrastinate too much
  4. I’m too self-conscious about what I post – until, I give up and stop caring. Neither of which is optimal, because even when I say I stopped caring I do want to create some value.
  5. Bad tune management – well I have time management skills when it applies to my plans but I don’t live according to my plans. And I don’t follow my schedule.
  6. I try to distract myself too early in the day – and I don’t act according to my priorities instead of doing what is easiest first.

It’s late I’m tired and I’m done with this for today. Tomorrow I will make up a number of quotes because no matter what I’ll be able to do something with that premise. See you then hopefully, or in a week if you won’t come back until I have my shit back together.

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  1. I so love this post. I think tunes – or is it tuning – are critical too. We all need a theme song from time to time, and then we need to make sure that we are in tune with it. Most profound.
    But consider this. We always act according to our priorities. I had a coaching call today about being cause in the matter. What I got is not that sometimes I am and sometimes I am not. I am always cause in the matter. The question is “Is this the matter I want to be causing?”
    From another angle, what we have is exactly what we are committed to having. In other words what we are doing now is giving voice to that part of ourselves that want things just as they are.
    And the way to change things would be to notice that commitment, or its voice, and say “Thank you for sharing, but yours is not the voice I will be heeding at this moment.”
    And it’s a bitch to do that on an ongoing basis, at least at the start, but it might be an exercise worth taking on.

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