Pre-Post 41

Today’s colors are #95354c #7e3595 #354c95

Three Questions:

What are the 10 most recognizable brands in the world? What were they 10 years ago? Is there any brand that would be placed in the top hundred every year for the last hundred years? (coca-cola maybe?) What about fifty years? (now I’m just setting myself a bit of a challenge when my answers post catches up to this.)

Is there a point where we can declare information old? Is it when more pertinent information comes to the fore?

Why do monsters become less monstrous as time goes on? Does the danger they represent become less prevalent, do stories of conquest require new foes to overcome? A great and mighty dragon is terrifying, but once there are many stories of knights beating them, we need something else. Or do we?

Four Creative Lines:

I was once rightfully feared, but now I am hunted.
Yet soon, I shall be feared again.
I need do nothing, and the cycle will continue, for like many monsters, you do my work for me.

If we believe that there exist crimes so heinous the people committing them forfeit their right to live. Then we must bring the end of some cultures. I hope we never find ourselves in the position to do so.

But enough with the darkness; there is good in the world, even for those who refuse to define it.

And in the name of the good, we could forgo some rights, for our culture, our society is not perfect, and in the future, we may be condoned for our reckless abandon and for not caring any further than how it affects us.

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