10 Made Up Quotes

  1. “I will draw a painting of the greatest. Or maybe I will draw the greatest painting.
    But I am not an artist I do not paint; I draw upon the world, and the world return art.
    I draw upon the people, and they produce music.
    And I draw upon the living for they produce change.”
  2. “And yet change occurs process after process step after step the world forever different every moment. But the living produce change and when changed the change compounds.”
  3. “The problem with most power fantasy is that humanity still stands. For humanity only stands because it takes more than a moment of rage to destroy what takes months or even years to build. But when in a moment of anger one can bring down a building then no building will stand.”
  4. ” I am like the earth, everyone walks over me but no-one sees what’s truly within me.”
  5. “And I am like the sky, moody.”
  6. “It would have taken years until I succeed and so I choose to try and preserve the world instead. Because otherwise, the world would not exist for me to succeed in.”
  7. “The biggest thing I’ve ever seen was this tree. It was really really big!”
  8. “It takes a fortune to build a mansion, but to build a house all you need is time.”
    “Can’t you just build a mansion if you’re building it yourself?”
    “It requires more time and energy but sure I would.”
    “So why not?”
  9. “Taxes exists for a reason but for the love of God I don’t remember why”
  10. “There are many ways to end a story but you don’t have to be the one to do it.”

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