Pre-Post 42

Today’s colors are #996633 #339966 #663399 I am only doing three colors a day until next Monday, so tomorrow I’ll start playing with colors of differing lightness from each other.

Three Questions + Four Creative Lines:

What are the least asked questions? Do I mean the questions which have been asked at least once but not again? Or do I mean what questions have never been asked at all? Either way, it matters not for if I were ot ask it here it would no longer answer my inquiry.

But do I ever truly make inquiries? In my answers post, I search for answers but when there aren’t any I tend to stop. The search for knowledge should continue onward, but there is so much we do not know that I can attempt to discover, where to start? I can justify starting with what is known because maybe the answer is known but undefined. Maybe it exists as part of something else and simply separating it outward can provide value to many. But maybe I should conduct true inquiries, it does not seem to be my calling but it is a great task for me to take on regardless.

And sometimes the humans are right. But it doesn’t matter, they’re always right. Even when they’re wrong.

How can you know if your actually right? Check the internet and ask experts? What if they disagree, or if you find conflicting information? Well, study it yourself for a few weeks or try to come to a conclusion with the person you are talking to. Neither you nor I probably know enough so instead of trying to convince them to pool your understanding and try to reach the truth.

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