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My meditation today still ended up being distracted more than I would have liked it to be, but I must create order through actions. So I shall create a better schedule for myself at least for next week. And while my schedule is a bit of a skeleton schedule, getting to bed on time and getting my daily hip correction exercises done is worth it. I shall create a few skeleton habits, somehow…

Something that may help me with that would be having my posts planned out so here are my posts for next week. In addition, all of these posts are projects, so I’ll have my work cut out for me. Luckily I have started and put some thought into most of them before.

Sunday – Before It, All Gets Drummed Away. A short story

Monday – Morality Measurement Devices. Probably a list, a few ideas, but I want to think over the subject a bit.

Tuesday – 10 Ideas For Power Fantasies. trying to figure out why people enjoy them and what is the minimum need for it to be a power fantasy.

Wednesday – Self Help’s Predatory Monetization Schemes

Thursday – Another Answers Post

Friday – Double Pre-Post. The Shabbat is coming in quite early, and I’m not writing a pre-post the next days, so if there isn’t something particularly interesting to me, I’ll just make two pre-posts. Or maybe I’ll explore two interesting ideas if they come up.

Saturday – Next Week Post Ideas + Exploration of at least one political idea. Because I have opinions.

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