Not An Answers Post

I started but got spent an hour trying to find information to answer one question and got tired. I’ll try again tomorrow, it can be my Friday post but for now. Now I’ll try and write something silly.

Or maybe not it was meant to be silly but than I started overthinking it.

6 Silly
One Silly and his name was billy and he ate a lot of snow.
But when he moved to a different school he did not want to go.
When he lived in a different town he did not want to stay.
And he claimed it ruined his life until he passed away.

Silly two lived in the loo.
All the time he went to poo.
He loved his children, his wife too.
They found him the next morning.

Silly three would not like me.
But everyone should like I don’t get it.

Silly silly brothers four.
One always happy another board,
Last was loved the thrid ignored.
But nobody could tell the difference.

And for five there was one more.
Distinct while looking like the four.
Call he once and call him twice,
his brothers mean when he was nice.
They were nice when he was mean.
He stopped smiling when they were seen.

SIlly six had brothers three.
Then the fourth one came to be.
He forgoten seemed to be.
The youngest one of four now three.

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