10 Devilish Book Ideas

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  1. Soulless monster – Werewolves and vampires and other monsters that retain hints of their human selves but lack the soul. The original people are dead, but these monsters wear their face and their memories.
  2. Make Monsters Monsterous Again – Being in the outer realms protest so that they can act in the world as they want and not limited by the beliefs of the time.
  3. The Outer Courts (Book 2) – Trying to get around the bans on a common belief for monsters because of what those beliefs were in the past. What was the most common belief 100 years ago, and when do we draw the line?
  4. Devilishly Handsome – How to attract people when you yourself are ugly
  5. Purple Bulbus And Loved By All – What we appreciate and like, that should be objectively ugly.
  6. Camera’s Inside Our Brain – But nobody knows who put them there.
  7. The Satanists Attached Psychiatrist – A fun romp into crazies, not crazies, and misunderstood ideas.
  8. Kill Your Darlings – A comedy, unless you’re a writer. (or other creative)
  9. Power Of The End – A collection of short stories from people convinced that learn that they will die within a day, month, or year, and that they are going to go to hell, when they die.
  10. Manual Of The Eternal Line – A self-help book

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