Before It All Gets Drummed Away

How do you make images and feelings into words how can I communicate what I see? Why can I not fine a satisfactory first sentence.

In all honesty, the story I’m writing here is not the one I wanted to write at first, but the title fits this one more, at least if I CAN GET IT RIGHT!
Sorry, I’m a little frustrated with the story. If I can even create a story, I may try to eventually, but if I can at least communicate a story, that will be enough.

Here it will begin

It was not so much a gathering as a natural event. Forces drawing people together, united in action united in dance. And what a dance it was, in fading light bodies leaped and flew, it smelled of dirt and sweat and trampled leaves the music shared by all. Despite the great action, the great movement, the music high and slow, nightbirds sang and added rhythm, every footstep every unnecessary flourish added sound and wind.

And yet I never so people more alive, and as the drumming march of human civilization grew closer, the intensity rose, and the dance became faster, no longer traceable by the human eye, as the light faded our movement kept us safe.

And the drums grew closer civilization, scaring away the beast, and as they ran past us, they dared not approach. For we were the most active of the beasts, the most powerful the most alive, we did not fear the drums.

And as it reached a fervor pitch, we tried to outdo the drums, our speed and intensity not even comprehensible to us. It was no longer dance; we could not help but crash into each other, trying to grasp the little sounds, the beauty, the dance.

And as we began to run low on energy, the soldiers with their drums marched pass, intensity unmatched; the drums louder than ever. And our dance stopped if a dance it could still be called, and with the music hidden behind drums, we joined the marching. For without the dance, we needed order, a path to follow. And we matched towards the remnants of the dance before it all got drummed away.

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