Pre-Post 43

Today’s color is #7cb4db

Three Questions:

What is the most noticeable feature of a human face? Is it the nose? The eyes? Something else? General shape? What is more likely to be noticed a particularity ugly nose, or particularly captivating eyes?

When is someone considered to be unattractive? Does having a single unattractive feature do it? Eyes are one of the most noticed features on a human face, but having a dead eye doesn’t make someone ugly, and missing an arm, doesn’t mean someone isn’t attractive, or appealing to hang out with. But noses? we have trouble seeing someone as beautiful if they have an ugly nose. But the eyes can overcome. So can someone be attractive with two ugly eyes and an ugly nose? Yes, they can be. What am I missing?
(well, probably everything that isn’t eyes noses, or the shape of the head.)

How big a deal are teeth? Is it cultural? We do know that having braces normally decreases overall attractiveness level, at least until they are removed. But does having straight teeth make you attractive enough to be worth the temporary downside? Does it matter unless your teeth are really bad? How important is the whiteness of teeth?

Four Creative Lines:

I’ve decided to try and comment on every video I watch in order to spend less time watching things or at least to practice using my brain a little instead of being distracted. If I am aware of what I’m doing, I am more likely to decide to do something else or even to decide to continue, but at least I’m making a decision.

And making decisions are important. It’s how we grow and move forward in life. Those who do not decide act out of necessity, and we all know how that goes.
Others who do not decide act according to the choices of others and others gamble with their lives.

And to finish with this is to get on with my day. A day that is mine to waste, or to spend.

What if there was a bookmark that folded over and stuck to a magnet sticker on the book cover? that’s an idea, not a good idea because we don’t want to put stickers on our books. So what about one of those book sleeves that but with a magnetic section? That’s a lot of work, for not very much benefit. I’ll put this idea aside.

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