Pre-Post 44

Today’s color is #6d1f6c

About yesterday’s post, I know it’s probably not what you’re here for and I had originally intended for it to be something else. But I said I would write something of that sort so I hope it was good and that you enjoyed it regardless. I won’t have posts like that often, unless you express interest is expressed.

Three Questions + Four Creative Lines:

Is the reason I previously chose not to write the posts I had assigned for this week because they were bad? Because I didn’t know enough? Because I was afraid? Probably the last one, but I don’t know what I’m afraid of. Probably afraid of looking stupid and being wrong, but I’ve probably accomplished both of those things by now. I still think I came out looking smart and not stupid, but the fact that that matters to me so much is not good. It limits my creativity and willingness to write, so I’ll try to forget about it for a bit.

By writing these here am I trying to look good? Does it hurt the quality of my posts? Do you care? I don’t know, I’ll try to write than edit so that I don’t worry so much when trying to develop ideas. But I’ve created a whole bunch of nonsense in addition to everything else, but who am I to judge what makes sense? All I know is what makes sense to me.

Why am I so focused on myself? Are others like this as well? I wanted to continue this with a judgment on the human condition, but who am I to make such judgments, who am I to assume others share my flaws but not my merits? Who am I to make moral parables and to say what is right? Still, I shall try. But while doing so I shall withhold judgment of others and simply judge myself.

To make simple passwords simply memorize the first few digits of Euler’s number e=2.71828… Write out a sentence and replace all E’s with a digit of Euler’s number
SimpleExample = Simpl27xampl1, if you discover a few more rules for yourself, you can be quite effective in your password making.

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