8 Ideas For Power Fantasies

I tried, and I tried, and the subject was beyond me. I could think of how dystopias would create “Morality Measurements” and devices, but I can’t get a complete idea of the mechanism yet. So since I can’t make it a daily post, I’ll try to develop it over the course of next week’s posts. Most of my posts tend to be standalone so I’ll try something different for that one.
Here is the other post that was supposed to be made today, actually no, here is a derivative of the post I was supposed to make today and it’s only 8 entries long because It took me an hour to do just this. I’ll make a better version sometime else. Probably in place of this week’s answer post that isn’t happening.

I’m beginning to think the reasons this week’s posts aren’t turning out well (but this one did, it’s not the orignal, today, it’s the third attempt.), and last week’s answers post has more to do with my state of mind and schedule than the actual content of the posts. I’ll see what I can do about that tomorrow.

Oh and here’s today’s color of the day is #afa24d

  1. A Great Mind – A human from our world discovers he can travel once to the capital city of parallel worlds, with different physics magic, etc. Using only logic and understanding how people work, he can reverse engineer the mechanics of the world or its politics and gather the resources he needs to extend his life by a few years and move on.
  2. The Immortal Hero – Another world traveler, but those seem to be popular these days.
    The hero’s journey is the immortal myth, but there aren’t enough powerful heroes. That’s where you come in; you have been chosen as an immortal hero, one to travel to the worlds struggling against the darkness and to lead them to the light. By example.
    For the Hero needs to sacrifice his life in the world, in this time and place to save it, and we don’t have enough heroes.
  3. The Secret Life – And to cap it out, a modern secret life of Walter mity but with fantasy and it slowly becomes real. As the main character potentially falls into a coma, it depends on how much you want to touch on real-life issues.
  4. The Collective Imagined Reality (a sequel or remake) – But it’s not just his fantasy, it’s shared, and he is not the only one it is happening to. Can you meet other people there, or is it just their imprints? Why are there so many people? How does time work? Has his body already expired?
    Why is his fantasy wife, a real person born 100 years ago, if I was being too vague? Should I criticize the readers? Or should I keep it with a happier, “anyone who wants can get there” tone?
  5. Where All Men Can Fly – unlike most web serial authors, I want a world where someone is living what they see to be a normal life, where their goal is defined and found, and they enjoy it because it is better, not just because they appreciate it more than those around them. Although the second is a far better message unless I go for “look how much less they have and look at all the joy they can find,” I’m trying to be original here, but that just feels condescending. Aren’t we all? (trying to be original, not condescending, I still want to look good here, but even if not, I don’t tend to insult the whole of humanity on a whim.)
  6. Super Power Pills – and the only side effect is that they’re completely illegal. ISN”T THAT SO COOL? I CAN FIND THE ILLEGAL UNETHICAL DEALERS TO HUNT. Of course, I need power from all three flavors of the superpower pills, and they don’t manifest the same way among everyone; I can also recruit more superheroes from people I believe are deserving of the power. But there is no way this will backfire at all.

    (I really should have focused more on my original intention for this post; without that systematic approach, I tend to corrupt my escapism with too much realism. It’s why when I try to create a fantasy, I have to work on the magic system from the bottom up than I have a world that makes sense within its own boundaries. Of course, then I make the actual applications of said power system closer to a soft magic system to a hard one, but I know how it works and where I can bend the rules.)
  7. An Apartment In Hell (Snakes And Spiders, or maybe Creepy Crawlies.) – well, not only bad people go to hell and heck there exists a double hell, but in this hell, people have made something. In fact, most hells are mostly civilized nowadays; often, people have to be executed 3 times before they can get to their assigned living dimensions. Now, this is all left to the residents, but when the only place to go is down, you can go really far down. And in a dimension based on the fears of its inhabitants, you can make a lot of money and acquire a lot of power farming snakes and spiders.
    (Now this is an idea I can have fun with.)
  8. Nothing Is Finite – A chance to start again, without consequences, and again and again and again. And you can have a good life. Of course, knowing you can try something else makes the present more valuable and knowing you don’t have to suffer the consequences makes the first time count, you’ve invested too much into this timeline, no point in leaving it.

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