Pre-Post 45

Today’s color is #c51b1b

I realized when planing out today’s posts, that they are far too ambitious at least if I want to do them in a day, I’m just not invested enough in this to do the few hours of research a day that would be necessary to write about what I wanted. A week though that will be fine, so if my morality measurement devices week (or 5 day’s probably) goes well, the week after the week after that will be about Self Help’s Predatory Monetization Schemes. Because I need to back that statement up.

Three Questions:

What should I write today? What do I know enough about to write? Actually, I know what to write today. It won’t be the most interesting or fun, but you can’t win every day, and it’s better than nothing. (I hope)

(What defines an actual question? Nah, I’ve asked this enough times already.)
When learning a new skill at how many hours a day do you reach the point of diminishing returns? Does half an hour of rest suffice to get over it? Is the point of diminishing returns the point at which you are losing sleep? Does the half-hour of rest (or whatever amount is appropriate) need to be actual rest and not preoccupation? When unwinding, we rest by occupying ourselves with things we enjoy; well, I do, and so do many of the people I know, so does that help to learn, or does it drain our focus and brainpower?

Are your current methods helpful? And do you want to experiment and change them? Are you willing? Do you have the time or focus put aside to do it? Would you pay someone to figure it out for you? Would you want strict guidelines or just small actions or changes to current cations that will help you achieve what you need?

Four Creative Lines (or probably just more questions today):

We build things to last generations, but how many?
Do we want things to last forever and how many future generations would make us satisfied with putting our lives into a project. 5 minutes of enjoyment or meaning from how many people is worth our effort?

Well, by that logic I’m doing this for myself, and because I promised, and because I fantasize that I’ll eventually write something good here and acquire readers. Also for practice, but I’m not sure how effective that is when I’m not getting any feedback.
I may just be reinforcing my errors.

Because of talking to others, I overcame my fear of talking to others. (somewhat)
Because of sharing things online I overcame my fear of that. (somewhat)
But really I learned to ignore it long enough that I could push through.

The why doesn’t matter we fear and we must overcome. And to overcome we must be afraid.

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  1. I disagree. I think you can win every day. It’s all a question of what game you play and what you call a win. I’d say writing every day is a huge win.
    I suppose that depends on what creatures lifespan you use to measure a generation.

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