A Day

Well, I didn’t do the research I needed to get this post done. And I need to do the research if I ever want to make the most general definition of power fantasy ever.
Currently, I’ve gotten, growth fantasy, and success fantasy, but I haven’t come up with ideas for any of the others. I thought it may have been better to come up with existing examples but I want to be original and I can isolate single aspects since most stories contain more than one.

I need to figure out how much research I can do in one day, and what subjects I can find an answer to in a week. But that requires even more research, as I do tomorrow’s list I’ll find a course on how to do the type of research I want to do, really I’m in a postiion to do analsys more than research, I’m not sure what exactly consititutes research but that to is something I need to figure out.

I procrastinated most of my blog post writing time today, and am getting back to this way later after having forgotten about it. Now I won’t have much tomorrow either, and it’s a little hypocritical of me, but I’ll have to settle for my pre-post being enough. If and when I stop writing pre-posts the designated post writing time will be the time I normally spend on pre-posts and up to an hour after.
Good night, good morning, and let the truth shine forth.

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