Pre-Post 46

Once I reach Pre-Post 50 I think I’ll stop with the pre-posts. I no longer see much value in these or in doing these. But if there is value you see in this, comment on this post, I am perfectly willing if I know it means something.

Today’s color is #28a97c

Three Questions + Four Creative* Lines:

What is the most well-known myth in the world? What are the top 10?

Why do I care about the best in the world? Why do people care at all? Unless it directly impacts you, how does knowing who the best person in this world is? Maybe you want to replicate their success, see if their is something in their culture or upbringing. But in that case it is best to know the top 10 because the top may be a fluke or a result of having taken more risk. While top ten shows how much risk mist be taken. Now top hundred may be more useful but we can only consider so many people and if your not doing too much research ten is a number you an get your head around. (maybe 8 is best, or 12, but that’s not where I am at right not.)

What is the most wasteful industry, how much would it cost us as individuals if it were less wasteful and all the increased costs were laid on us? How much would it cost the company, if they didn’t increase the costs? How can we change how we think of things so that companies will be less wasteful?

I heard in a video I watched recently that “It is common to have exceptions to the standard practice.” With my previous knowledge I know this to be true, at least in the context of the subject discussed.
But how would I distinguish what i know to be true with what I believe to be true? Aren’t both the same thing from my perspective? I think the difference would be based in these things:
Can I prove it;
How confidant am I in the proof,
What reinforces the proof,
How much are do I trust my sources.
How trustworthy are my sources believed to be.
Could my mind be changed;
Well, you could technically convince me of anything, but it would be hard, I would need proof and stuff.
If a source I trusted on the subject told me otherwise would I believe it?
I think that is all I have for now, I’ll see if I can make a post of this idea if I can expand on it any further.

Have a nice day.

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