My Thought Process Before Writing This

  1. I don’t know what to write
  2. I’ve spent far too much time trying to figure out what to write but then I said f*ck it, I’ll just write.
  3. Still, what to write? I don’t know. I had an idea yesterday but I can’t write things down on Shabbat
  4. I spent way too much time not actually thinking about what to write but being distracted, it’s late now.
  5. I shall write 10 no 12 way’s to say I don’t know what to write but then I started the second entry and changed the title.
  6. So I’ve cought up to myself or am getting darn close and when describing the past we skip things, so I skipped what I knew not how to explain and now I’m here.
  7. But where is here? No that sounds stupid, but I said I’d write waht I thouhgt and now my words are what I’m thinking why doubt myself, and why can’t I keep up.
  8. I must stage my verbal thoughts slow them down so I can make this word by word, if I skip too far ahead I will lose my place. And when I’ll lose my place (Voice alteration I do ot yet know how to express in words) I don’t know what will happen when I lose my place, I’ll probably think out how to express the voice alteration I failed to express
  9. And voice alteration is the wrong word, voice expression would probably be better.
  10. But now I feel bad I have not been producing content recently, or not content I would like to be producing, well I do like my pre-posts but that can’t be all. It can’t. It is. It can. But I want more, despite the fact that the more is often less, it is that and more so it is more even if the more is less. Kapiche?
  11. Why the hell did I think kapiche to myself, well probably because I like the expression. I find it fun, the media I consumed when learning to talk (to comunicate I didn’t think my words acuratly.) and the media presented to me by my parents had decent use of it so it becaem part of my speach and thoughts.
  12. My brother is bothered when I use it and tries to mock me for it, but I am fine. It is right and propper to use as much english as I desire to do. And it communbicate s what I want clearly, well, I don’t know he gets it but he had a very similar upbringing , do others undretand though?
    I don’t know but I’m done with writing here, let me relax my brian so it takes less effort to think. Have a nice night!

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