Pre-Post 47

Today’s color is #a9b895

Three Lines Of Thought:

Have I milked my pre-posts for all they are worth? Surely not, do I produce value with them? I do not yet know, but I assume I do. So why am I willing to stop writing them? Probably because they take my attention away from my other post. Is that really the case? No, but if I wrote a post in the same time period I would write my pre-posts I would write better stuff more consistently. What if I wrote post-posts instead of pre-posts? I’ll try that after pre-post 50.

I am playing with the structure of these, the repetitiveness bored me so I am playing around.
The structure of this one was originally like a traditional pre-post, but I noticed I was answering my questions so I decided to push through to the end of the thought.

If future pre-posts are as quick and easy to make as this one I would never have considered stopping them. But often I need effort to get these out, to come up with questions I have not yet asked, and cannot yet answer.

Two Questions

  • Why do I care to produce value for others? Why do I want to be a productive member of society? It is a good thing, but if I desire to do so and others don’t I would like to understand why.
  • Does the color affect what I think to write here? Having just changed the color to not be repetitive will it change the structure of my future questions?

And something I have taken upon myself is to comment on every piece of media I consume eventually I will stop worrying about the details of what I comment, because otherwise I will not have room for a life. If I am frustrated with my indecision I will just write something to get it done and that is better than nothing.

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