Screw Research

Yup, I should definitely turn my pre-posts into post-posts, there already is a consistent structure and I need to take the designated time for different things.

So today’s post was supposed to be about morality measurement devices, so I’ve done some research and the first thing I find is a race thing. HOW?! I don’t use google’s search engine and the one I use gives me results not based on my preferences, (there I covered my ass.)
Sorry about the language by the way I’m just pissed. Yeah our morality system has some preconceived notions, and it was spread mostly through countries whose population is light skinned. But there our morality systems, and they weren’t even the only systems I was looking at, I was looking at what would be measured so that we could make moral judgments, and what systems would have to be in place to do so.
This would primarily be something used in controlling governments or organizations, it could be somewhat dystopian, but it could also help with fairer sentencing if I ever get that far. And if I don’t someone else can, someone better educated.

But for now I will have to bass my research on vague theories, history, and fiction. I’ll do my best to see what of my opinions come from fiction, what comes from vague theories and what comes from my understanding of history, but none of these are decent sources, so this will be like many of my posts, entirely in the realm of conjecture.

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