I Just Don’t Know

So I’m giving up on my previous idea for this week’s posts. I just feel too hesitant to approach such a big project especially when I can’t find much information to use, when I learn better research methods I may try this again, but I just can’t start something readable right now. Here’s a short post about not knowing, and I hope I have something better to write tomorrow.

  1. At first, I thought I knew, but I could not explain it to others.
    Then I thought I could put it into words, but I was afraid to.
    Now I forgot what I knew but believe myself to have been wrong.
  2. It could be one thing, or it could be anything else.
    I do this more than I should; I don’t like admitting my ignorance; otherwise, I would’ve written this yesterday.
    Heck, I do this way too many continuing lies for a while, hoping I’ll have the answer by the next time I promised.
  3. There are things I don’t know that I don’t know because someone I trust told me and since they know and I trust them the reasons must be there.
    I shall try to be more aware of this.
  4. Every day I try to do something completely new means that I’ll be making it up as I go along. Original or creative are fine because they originate with me, but completely new means it hasn’t been seen before, and I’m not excluding myself from that statement.
  5. And I just don’t know how to continue this, so I’ll end for today.

I hope you experience complete rem cycles.

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