Pre-Post 48

Today’s color is #523a7c

Three Questions + Four Creative Lines:

How does practice make us better at holding our breath? Does our body learn how to better regulate oxygen consumption? Is it a matter of our body not panicking and not using more? I think it’s something else, but the how eludes me. (Maybe it increases lung capacity.)

What benefits are there to practicing holding your breath? Other than being better at swimming, of course. Is there an increase in lung capacity? Can we increase lung capacity among young children as they grow up via breathing exercises? What are the benefits of increased lung capacity?

Why do I ask what I ask is a question I’ve asked myself before and a question I’ll ask myself again. But at this point, it isn’t even a creative line, as I’ve stated it so many times before.
So what should I ask this time? I don’t know, but I still have time.

And a day will come when this all ends, because of all ends. Yet this isn’t all, so it shall remain, at least until it no longer matters.
And if it never mattered, it shall remain eternal for all know it already, and all have it contained. So if it is forgotten, all have already been built with it in place, and it has affected change.

Why should I continue if nobody reads this? Because eventually someone will, even if that person is yet a variation of myself separated only from the current version by time. (aka I may read this in the future when I am someone else, and I don’t mean that in a mystical sense.)

Why are my internal speech patterns so weird and hard to understand? It’s not that the ideas I’m thinking are more complex; it’s just that I order words weirdly. Does it have to do with being do-lingual? Am I not social enough, so I don’t fall into more socially understandable speech patterns? I should probably work on that.

Have a nice whenever-it-is at your end.

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