Pre-Post 49

Today’s color is #ff8282

A Few Questions Or Creative Lines:

When is violence abstract enough that it no longer bothers our sensibilities? When does it stop being enjoyable? The movement of colors and action is entertaining in its own way, and the use of power can resonate with something primal within us, so we see the violence in our minds but we can idealize it and only see what we want.

Yet we enjoy watching violence that offends us, we find something appealing in the gruesome and the terrifying. Or maybe we just like being scared, but a story has its lows and highs, so even if we idolize the violence, loss must still be painful. We can enjoy when evil faces evil, for all deserve what is coming to them.
There is more than that here but this is all I can reach at the moment.

Does cannibalism disgust us for biological reasons or for cultural ones? The existence of cannibalistic tribes doesn’t prove that it is cultural, because with culture we can get used to many things that would normally disgust us, and overcome some biological impulses. We can overcome most forms of disgust with consistent exposure. So is disgust cultural? What is the biological element of it and when does the cultural aspect begin?

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