Until Then

So I’m not there yet, but in a few day’s I should have a great revelation that will help me get back into writing longer better posts. Now it will probably be less than a week before I realize how hollow or meaningless the great revelation is, but I hope to retain some of the moment from then.
Until then I’ll try my best but I have no clue what to write about.

There I came up with a title for the post now to make a list out of it. And then I shall discover, grow, and become who I always knew I would be.

Knew I could be, know I could be, and even though I have lost and avoided countless opportunities, and my growth is less than it could be, I still believe I have the time to become great.
For I am not satisfied with an ordinary or even slightly better future, I want to be known I want to be great.
But until then, I am here writing this.
And I know there are many paths to greatness, and I shall find one; I have seen many, Yet still, I cannot decide.
And when others would live a good life, I desire to thrive.
Until then, I am here, an empty vessel, a child unwilling to become an adult.
And great success often requires great luck, but to make use of luck you must already be acting accordingly.
Until when will I wait, and when will I grow, for I refuse to take the actions I know.

This was originally a list but I thought I could string it together and gain a bit more impact. But I am not a poet, so I hope I shared something you could learn from and that you discover what I have yet to.

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  1. Everyone’s path is different, and you can’t know what yours will be exactly until you start. So pick one and start, and it will reveal itself as the right, or give you greater access to it.

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