Well, I know what I can finish writing tomorrow, and I know I can do it because I did something similar in the past. And that is a few made-up examples of abstract entities becoming human-like deities. Now I’m not sure if my religion is all with making up these things, but it can be a good cautionary example from a religious standpoint so I’ll write it anyway. Especially since it is more likely to cause people to disbelieve in idols so yeah, I have my religious justification I hope it’s at least as good as the previous one.

Now I am somewhat insecure, or at the very least I feel the need to justify myself more often than it is healthy. Hey, I can make a post out of this.

I am somewhat insecure can also mean…

  1. I feel the need to justify myself more than it is healthy.
  2. I doubt my successes
  3. I have trouble seeing my accomplishments
  4. I don’t believe my fear will lesson with exposure
  5. I am afraid the exposure will kill me or destroy my mind before I can overcome or grow accustomed to it
  6. I don’t see myself as valuable
  7. I see others as more worthy of my success and material wealth
  8. I am unwilling to sacrifice what I have to put myself in line with my stated goals
  9. I can eventually… And I will if I actually can…
  10. I am not sure if I can, but I am afraid to fail
  11. I am unwilling to work towards nothing
    – (language warning, the text is white on white.)
  12. I am a whiny bastard, and would rather remain being so than put in the fucking work

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