Pre-Post 50

Today’s color is #e79b5e

Three Questions +/-:

Why did I expect ancient religions to have consistent mythology? Does any widely practiced religion have consistent mythology? That’ll be a hard no; I just expected past religions to be more consistent than they are today. Why is it when discussing past nations’ beliefs, we assume it must be one thing or the other? Couldn’t it just be internal religious splits? Probably, and something I am learning as I go from being a history enthusiast to being a slightly more educated history enthusiast.

What happens more often, do religions begin believing in an abstract power than come to personify it? Or do they believe in human-like entities having created everything and over time ascribe more abstract powers to them? (I should do more research and show the process going both ways with different sets of Greek gods.)

What was the biggest fraud ever committed? What individual or company lost the most money to fraud?

Four Creative* Lines:

And I shall begin them all with and.
And is the next word and after the next word.

And I shall begin as after the next word and the next word and the next…

And it shall begin again but without the next word and the next word and the next word and…

What is the rule that requires me to have and after (the next word and…) I have contained infinity and can continue forth.

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