First There Was…

Today’s color is #504c90 I won’t be writing pre-posts for the next few days, and I ended up pushing off my main post way too much today, so I’ll be back to them after a short break.

I was going to make a full post in this style today but I got distracted reading and procrastinated the rest of my time away so I’ll only make one, and make the others over the course of the next few days.

First, there were the winds, they called to hunter and prey alike. Brought warning of the rain and the storm, and punished us for our mistakes. Vast and uncompromising it lead and we followed for what else were we to do? Then came the voices in the wind and those who could interpret the whispers, voices of the winds themselves, the whisperers and the greatest was said to be born of the winds the son of the winds led us to a greater land, a place where the winds protected us and introduced us to the living wind, who promised safety to the family of his kin.

It took me so long to figure this out, because it isn’t as I desired it to be. I’ll try again tomorrow I don’t have the time for polish tonight.

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