An Apology

I break a lot of the promises I make regarding this blog, and while it is unintentional I am still wrong in doing so. I do have excuses and reasons but I should know to make promises I can keep by now. (Well my biggest enemy in that is Holfstadters law.)

But among the things I have done wrong I have not written a post yesterday, and I Write A Post Ever Single Day. Now, I have a few reasons why it isn’t my fault, if I would’ve charged my phone the day before I would have been able to, and if I used it less in the morning I may have been able to get a drive back earlier instead of having to run somewhere to get it charged, heck if I had brought a charger with me, or woken up earlier I would have had the time. But I missed my bus back and didn’t have the tools prepared.

Now Thursday I had even less of an excuse because while I did write something it was less than I could’ve written and less than I had previously intended too. So I am not stopping with the pre-posts then I can have something everyday anyways, and I’ll try to be better with my weekend posts. (Maybe I’ll actually get the backup post written on Sunday.)

Still, I said every day and today is a day as well so let me see if I have anything I can come up with today.

12 Ways to apologize

  1. I am sorry.
  2. I admit it was my mistake, and I won’t do it again.
  3. I will take these actions to prevent it from happening again.
  4. I cannot promise to take these actions as I don’t trust myself to accomplish them consistently, but I will still try my best not to have it happen again.
  5. I am sorry, but I can’t put my full focus on this subject and cannot guarantee that I won’t do this again, but I am putting more than I have previously put into it to keep it from happening, and if I do it again know it hasn ot been planned.
  6. I have probably broken more than 40 promises in these 400 posts, and that is particulalry bad; I’ll do what I can not to make promises I can’t or won’t keep.
  7. I haven’t been putting in the effort to my recent posts and I apologise.
  8. I’m sorry if this post is depressing.
  9. I’m sorry that I’ve been neglectful of my blog recently that is somethign I can work on.
  10. I apologize that I apologize so often and rarely do anyhting about it, I’ll try to be better.

One comment

  1. You’re not wrong. You’re human. We all miss sometimes. Sometimes it’s the result of bad planning. Sometimes it’s circumstances beyond our control.
    If you want to say it doesn’t work for you to miss, that’s something else. Then you adjust your life so it is less likely to happen again. It still will, but that’s life.
    Be a little more generous with yourself. Celebrate 400 posts with amazing consistency. That’s also a valid interpretation.
    You’re beautiful, the misses as well as the hits. It’s what you do with those that count. And you get that they are all an opportunity to grow, and sometimes you take it, and sometimes you don’t, and that’s okay too.

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