Pre-Post 51

I’m back, hopefully.

Today’s color is #3bb61b

Three Questions:

When can we truly declare something to be a fact? Beyond a reasonable doubt is what is necessary for our legal system, and in the sciences, it’s better to be certain, but when do we know enough for us to make a decision based on that information? When is it enough for you personally? (you don’t have to answer that, and it varies on a case by case basis and all that, but you should be able to categorize cases if you want to.)

Should I be more specific asking these questions? What are the most commonly shared human experiences?

(Will my questions be better tomorrow?) What is your favorite question? How much water is wasted by the average family in Israel? What about The USA, What about each state in the USA?

Four Creative* Questions:

When it takes a day to get something done it might as well take a week, you can do it this evening but no I can’t.
But when it takes a week to do something it takes a day, the last day of the week,
When it takes an hour to do something can take an hour, but if you have a week it takes a week.
But sometimes it only takes an hour, and you do it in an hour and you feel complete.

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