Questions That Everyone Should Try

At the very least, ask yourself. (Honestly, I’m starting off with zero questions, so a better title would be 12 questions I should try, but I may have asked these before; I just never thought of them in this context. And I’m doing more than 12.)

What was the weirdest (or most obscure or least familiar) piece of music you’ve ever heard? Where did you hear it, and what culture is it from (or subculture if that is the case)?

Why don’t you know any weird music? Is it because you are satisfied with your current music library? Or are you just stuck within certain genres and styles and like it there?

When did you become who you are today? Is there an event you can trace it back to, where you the same person or someone that could be described the same way yesterday?

Do you enjoy making stuff? What was the last thing you made? And what were you making before that?

Why did I just think that? (I’ve asked this before and only ask yourself this, but it’s good to ask frequently.)

What’s the best possible interpretation? If everything went right for you, how would your life look in 2 years? How do you want it to look?
How in 10 years? But that is a completely different question for some reason. (you can question that as well, I sure am.)

How long have I been sitting down for? (Posture is important.)

What do you wish you learned in school? If you were a teacher, how would you approach teaching that subject? What could you teach that you think children would be better off learning?

Do you think we treat children as dumber than they are? Do they rebel against power structures because they feel as if they are looked down upon? Are they?
Were you a stupid child? Could you have been taught more in school or is it a surprise they could teach you something at all?

Who is the smartest person you know? (in your opinion.)
What don’t you agree with them about, and why?

Think of the dumbest person you know?
What do you agree with them about, and why?

Who is the most moral person you know?
What don’t you agree with them about, and why?

(look I found a template I can bring onwards. It’s a great template feel free to use it, but not too many times on the same person. Unless you’re asking yourself.)

Who is the most immoral person you know of?
What do you agree with them about, and why?

I have been too stationary in my life I’ll try moving more tomorrow I hope it will bring me to new heights of creativity, or at least catch me up to my old heights, of those two months where I was super creative and productive that make the last half-year look like a joke.
But I like this post very much, at least the last bit, there is a reason I made more than 3 questions based on that idea.

Have a productive week, and I wish you accomplish something whatever it is.

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